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February 7, 2016

Kerala +2 Model Examinations 2016 Starts From February 4

Kerala +2 Model Exam Time Table 2016

Examination season is back again, and it's the busiest time for the students who are preparing to take various examinations under their particular examination board which they belong to. And this website, as you know is especially made for those who are preparing for the higher secondary examination, also popularly know as DHSE and Plus2 under the education department board of Kerala government. We provide various useful stuffs for students and teacher who are going to face the HS Examination in the month of March 2016. Before the real challenge of +2 examination, there is a preliminary test know as model examination for class 12 and class 11 higher secondary students. This examination will help the students better understand about the examination process and what type of questions are going to be asked in the annual examination.

TIME TABLE  - Std.XII Model Examination 2016

+2 Model Examination Time Table 2016
Date Day Subject
 04/02/2016 FN  Thursday   Part III Opt.Subject 1* 
 05/02/2016 FN  Friday  Part III Opt.Subject 2* 
 08/02/2016 FN  Monday  Part HI Opt.Subject 3* 
 09/02/2016 FN  Tuesday  Part III Opt.Subject 4* 
 10/02/2016 FN  Wednesday  Part I English 
 11/02/2016 FN  Thursday   Part II Language

* Examination in the optional subjects will be conducted in the order of subject combination given in the prospectus. Subjects without practicals: 9.30am to 12.15 pm including 15 mts cool off time.

Subject with practicals except Biology and Music: 9.30am to 11.45am including 15 mts cool off time. Biology: 9.30am to 11.55 am including 20 mts. cool off time,10 mts each for Botany and Zoology and 5mts preparatory time for Zoology. Music: 9.30am to 11.15 am including 15 mins cool off time.

You can find various model question papers to be uploaded on this website in the coming few days. But till then, you can use the current available model question papers which I have already added to this website a few days ago.

Link: Download +2 Model Question Papers 

We are also preparing some excellent contents which will help the students in various ways, such as mental preparations to approach examination an all.

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